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Hey, today we want to show you a new cheats from our team. Freesky 2 Cheats its very easy to use and 100% safe.Anyone who plays this game knows how awesome it is but how hard it is to get tokens as well. This cheats will help us.Are you afraid to get banned? You don’t need. Freesky 2 Cheats is 100% undetectable. What are you waiting for? Get our Freesky 2 Cheats and be one of the best player in the game!

freesky 2 cheats

 Freesky 2 Cheats Details

  • Working Systems : Windows 98 / Me / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / Macintosh / Linux and all other systems
  • Undetectable : YES
  • Undetectable : YES
  • Does it support all browsers? :Yes
  • The possibility of connections through facebook?:Yes

Freesky 2 Cheats Functions

  • Adds Unlimited ORE
  • Adds Unlimited AEROGEL
  • Adds Unlimited GOLD
  • Adds Unlimited MALL POINTS
  • Adds Unlimited VOUCHERS


How to use Freesky 2 Cheats?

Download Freesky 2 Cheats
Run Freesky 2 Cheats
Click Connect with Facebook
Choose between all stock, enter the amount you want to add and click “plus button”
Have a Good Game!


download download 1

If you do not know how to download click here HOW TO DOWNLOAD

Freesky 2 Game Description

Freesky 2: Steampunk Strategy is the sequel to the browser-based Freesky Online where players start from a small territory, develop in their own way, and expand it into a great empire. This new game brings yet another strategy gaming package including air battles.The game basically follows the same rule of what Kingdoms Social delivers, especially the gameplay and whole control.There is no way for a player to experience Freesky 2 without being amazed, or at least impressed, by its visuals. The structures on those islands feature amusing looks. For instance, the trading post not only has a gold coin symbol above its gate, it has even got a cute weighing scale on the top. And instead of inheriting the common night views of space from previous space-themed strategy games, Freesky 2 adopts the bright green grassland coupled with blue sky decorated by fluffy clouds.What sets Freesky 2 apart from its prequel and other strategy games is its territory platform, which is neither an unregistered planet nor an unchartered land that is open to expansions

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